How We Communicate With You About Your Children’s Time At A Treasured Tots Early Education Centre



At Treasured Tots we use a range of different communication tools. Communication is key to your child receiving high quality education and care, so communicating with you is a key priority for all members of the Treasured Tots team. 

Communication can take different forms, but most importantly we highly value face to face conservations. We encourage families to spend 5 minutes at drop off or pick up having an open discussion with your child’s Educator. Family input is an important part of our Program and allows our team of experienced Educator’s to plan experiences that interest your child whilst taking into consideration each child’s individuality.

We understand how busy families are so we use an online software program called Early Works. The program allows parents to log in at any time of the day or night to see what their child has been up to. Early Works allows us to log what your child has eaten, when they have slept and is also a platform for our Educators to write observations, learning stories and to develop their programs. There are photos of your children and lots of information regarding their learning and development. Families can have this as an app on their phone to follow their child’s journey and make any comments they wish. 

Treasured Tots has a whiteboard in each room filled with each child’s, meals, rest and any important information for families to have a quick glance at.

Our Centre Director’s send weekly memos via email outlining all of the important information you might need to know for that week. Each of our centres also has their own Facebook and Instagram pages which are filled with videos, photos and helpful hints. It helps our Families to keep up to date with what is happening around our centres. It is lovely for families to share these with their children to bring a sense of belonging and familiarity. 

Treasured Tots has a centre mobile at each site which is used to send photos and short messages to families. Families are welcome to text us information or questions to this phone throughout the day.

We are ‘a home away from home’ for you and your child and communication is our way of making you feel a part of your child’s day.

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