In collaboration with Educators and families Treasured Tots Management has been coming up with new ideas to contribute to a more sustainable future for our children. Our main focus is teaching the children about the world they live in and how important caring for the environment is. The key to this is demonstration and consistency. It is our responsibility as Early Childhood Educator’s and Parent’s to give our children the best possible start at life so that they can live a long, enriching, healthy and happy life in this beautiful country of ours.


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It started about 4 years ago with our Chickens. Some of our children were interested in baby animals so we got an incubator with eggs that were almost ready to hatch and the children got to see our chicks hatch and grow to become to our pet chooks. After meal times the children scrape their scraps into a bucket and feed them to the chooks. They then give water and pellets and collect the eggs. Our eggs are then either used in our cooking and any spare are given to families to take home. Our children absolutely love our chickens. They have a pen where they can lay eggs and sleep safely and a large area where they can roam during the day.

Our children are taught to water our plants when needing to tip out water. Rather than emptying water bottles down the sink when they are needing a clean and refill they water our plants. We grow vegetables and herbs for our cooks to use in the cooking.  The children love to see and learn about the food they are eating and get especially excited when they see things on their plate that came from their garden.

We do our very best to keep illnesses away from our Centre but despite these best efforts bugs are brought in and spread around. We heard great things about essential oils and the benefits of diffusing blends known for helping with illness.  We did lots of research and purchased the blends best suited for our environment. Our centre’s diffuse oils for fighting common illnesses and building immunity throughout the day. We then diffuse lavender (calming) in our sleep areas and cot rooms at rest times giving our children the best chance at being well rested whilst protected from the bugs in the air.

Homemade Baby Wipes…. At Treasured Tots we make our own baby wipes. Using coconut oil and essential oils we make our own wipes to reduce children getting nappy rash from the harsh wipes bought from the supermarket. They are so gentle on the children’s skin and we have peace of mind knowing that there are no irritating ingredients in them.. Across our centre’s we are in the middle of changing from nappy sacks (plastic bags) to newspaper. The soiled nappies are wrapped in Newspaper instead of plastic bags. This is to reduce the amount of landfill coming from our centre’s. 

The city of Fremantle has been rolling out a PLASTIC BAG FREE policy and banning plastic shopping bags. To support this initiative Treasured Tots have reusable canvas bags available for families and visitors from all of our centre’s to take for free. We believe that not only Fremantle families should start to use the re-usable bags but all suburbs. Plastic bags are extremely dangerous to our wildlife and where possible we should reduce the amount we use them.

We all know that children need a well-balanced healthy diet in order to grow and develop into the best they can be but also to keep their immune system’s going strong. We believe nutritious, yummy food is a MUST in early childhood. It is important that we are laying the foundations to enable children to make healthy choices as they get older.  In late 2016 our menu was designed and implemented by peadiatric nutritionist to ensure we were not only meeting but exceeding children’s dietary requirements using fresh ingredients and whole foods.

At Treasured Tots we have worm farms. Our children participate in helping take care of our worm farms. We collect the worm wee from the farms and bottle it up for families to take home and use on their gardens as well as using it on our many gardens and vegetable patches. The less harmful pesticides we can use around our children the better for their health in the future.

You will see around our centres we have light plans. These plans remind us when to turn our lights off. We keep our lights off for the most part of the day and especially at rest times. Where they are able to reach our children assist in turning lights on and off and there are continuous conversations between the children and Educators about why we turn lights off if we don’t need to use them. When you turn your lights off on a nice day and open up your curtains it is amazing how energized you feel.

Our team have a membership at REmida. A Perth based creative re use centre. Our Educator’s go there to collect loose parts, recycled materials and more for the children to use in their learning. We encourage families to bring in loose parts and recycled items from home and collect many different pieces to allow the children to explore, design, build and make things. They get to see how we can re-use things rather than throwing them in the bin to create masterpieces. Our Educators display these loose parts in many different ways ensuring the children are inspired to use them and can easily access anything they need.

We have Early Education Centres in the FremantleBibra Lake or Mandurah areas. Book a tour of any of our wonderful centres to ensure our management team are available to show you around and answer any questions.

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