childcare wellness not just for grownups

Childhood is a critical time for a child’s healthy development, their learning and for establishing the foundations for their future wellbeing, but it can also be a time when a child is vulnerable.

That’s why it’s really important that caregivers in all areas of a child’s life focus on the child’s mental health. 

Even though most Australian children are safe, healthy and doing well, caregivers in the home, at the childcare centre, the early education environment, at school and in the community need to provide the appropriate scaffolding and support to ensure a child’s optimum individual wellness and emotional stability.

At Treasured Tots childcare centres in Perth, the emotional wellbeing of every child in our care is an ongoing concern and focus. 

We know how crucial it is that the environment at our centres promotes holistic wellness and balance for every child’s body, mind and soul and that it encourages children to be happy, resilient and aware.  And that’s why we introduced the Treasured Tots Wellness Program into our three childcare centres in Bibra Lake, Mandurah and Fremantle.  

The Program is run by a highly qualified and experienced facilitator and every member of the Treasured Tots team receives ongoing support and education so that they can successfully deliver and implement all the various components.

It’s not just lip service to our children’s mental health. 

We consciously and carefully promote every child’s self-esteem, their resilience and their ability to regulate their emotions so that they are better prepared for everyday life and for their future transition to ‘big’ school.  The Wellness Program encourages children to be expressive, mindful, emotionally literate and confident so that they have the self-confidence, coping skills and the capability to make positive, healthy choices by the time they start their formal education.

The program is designed around three main pillars, namely Resilience, Wellbeing and Awareness and it includes a range of different focus areas.   Whilst the concept may sound very grown up, we’ve structured the program so that it’s age-appropriate for young children and relevant aspects are included in daily life and activities at Treasured Tots.

For example, we know that movement activities have a wide range of physical and emotional benefits for children.   Some of the physical movement activities that we encourage at our centres include art, dance, yoga, nature play and sport, and these can lead to improved concentration, a greater sense of calm and improved body awareness - all of which are important components of physical and emotional wellness.    

Our mindfulness experiences aim to nurture the mind, body and soul of each child, and we include things like meditation, breathing exercises, positive affirmations and self-awareness programmes to support children towards optimum holistic wellness.   Our healthy, balanced menu which was created with the help of a professionally trained paediatric nutritionist and regular rest and relaxation times at the centres are other important aspects of the Program.

Every child enrolled at a Treasured Tots early education centre has access to the Wellness Program and there is absolutely no extra cost to families.  We embrace diversity and are cognisant of cultural significance when our children engage with any of the Program’s activities.

If you’d like to learn more about our Wellness Program or would like any other information about our Treasured Tots child care centres in MandurahPiara WatersBibra Lake or Fremantle, we’d love to chat to you, so contact us or book a tour

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