Will my Child’s Sleep Routine be Followed at Treasured Tots?

It is common, as a parent to have a range of questions and concerns about your child being in care. If you are feeling anxious about your child’s sleep or other routines being thrown out of the window when they start care with us you mustn’t worry.

We value the hard work and effort you put into establishing good routines for your child. We understand the importance of being consistent and working with you to ensure your child’s routine is followed as closely as possible whilst they are in care with us. We know it’s important to you and because it is, it’s also important to us.

For some children routines vary slightly to what you would have at home. The simple reason is because some children aren’t used to the degree of stimulation they will have at Treasured Tots and therefore need to go down to bed a bit before their usual time and may sleep longer.

Other children find it difficult to sleep for a long period when there is so much going on around them and may sleep less than usual. If this is the case, we have things in place to ensure they are getting adequate sleep throughout the day. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, just as it may not at home, we would let you know what’s happened so you are forewarned your child may not be their usual self at home that day.

No matter which way your child reacts to being in our environment we will follow your routine as closely as possible and communicate everything with you each day.  We want you to feel confident and reassured, so we take steps to make sure that happens, wherever possible.

We ask that you keep us updated with the routine you are following at home as it changes so often.

If your baby doesn’t have an established routine we will observe patterns and set up a very flexible sleep/ feed/ play schedule for them and communicate this with you. We can then work together to establish what works best for your child.

Adequate sleep is so important to us all and something the Treasured Tots team are very passionate about and committed to.

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