Treasured Tots Early Education was founded by Simone O’Brien in 2011 and first started as a Family Day Care in Melville WA. The constant enquiries, interest and rapid growth of the wait list, bought to her attention the shortage of quality education and care in the area. With the support and help of Simone’s husband Brock O’Brien, Treasured Tots Early Education has grown into a quality early childhood centre in Perth to provide many families with quality education and care where each family feels just like they are at home.

We know that even when you look for ‘childcare centres near me’ or ‘daycare near me’, proximity is not your only priority. The quality of the care is of paramount importance.

We understand the importance of having a team of qualified, motivated and passionate educators to care for your children. Regular training, seminars and team meetings ensure our teams are given the best opportunities to develop skills and renew energy throughout the year. Simone sees conducting regular staff reviews as an integral part of ensuring we continue to deliver high-quality education and care.

We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a loving, secure and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

We are devoted to providing a welcoming, safe and homely environment where all children and their families feel confident, relaxed and cared for as well as where parents feel the aspirations they have for their children are supported.

We embed sustainability into our everyday practices to teach children the importance for caring for our environment. Treasured Tots provides a place for children to learn about themselves and the world we live in.

Treasured Tots bases their programs on an educational focus when planning learning experiences and routines. Our program is sourced and built using equal parts of children’s interest, family input, community focus and intentional teaching. Whilst we provide a variety of structured educational activities, we also believe in the value of allowing children to explore and discover the world through play. Each day in our care children will have the opportunity to take part in visual arts, singing, dancing, musical play, dramatic play, and a whole range of indoor and outdoor real life experiences all within a safe, nurturing environment. Treasured Tots develops children to be independent, confident learners and ensures they are well prepared for formal schooling.

Treasured Tots has raised the bar of quality education and care. We promote optimum quality care for children by fostering open communication between families and educators. Being privately owned centres with passionate owners, active in the daily operations creates a personal and caring environment. Treasured Tots is a ‘home away from home’ for our team and families. We make every endeavour to support all children’s daily transition from home to Treasured Tots.

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To raise the standard of Quality Education and Care to the best it can be and to maintain the most professional, educated, dedicated and satisfied team who are recognised for their efforts and commitment to Treasured Tots Early Education and the industry.

To deliver excellent education and care to all children, always above families expectations and to give families a place to call their second home, where they and their children feel comfortable and cared for.

Settling In – What can you do to make this better?

Children react differently to being away from their parents and we encourage you to remain with your child for as long as you feel necessary to ensure your child’s well being. We use a variety of strategies to help your child settle into our centre. We recommend that you bring your child for a visit, prior to beginning care at the centre. This will help to introduce yourself and your child to the educators and other children and familiarise your child with our environment. You can visit as many times as you feel you need. If you are going back to work we encourage you to start your child in care at least 2 weeks prior to returning to work. Sometimes settling can take longer and this allows for you to be available if needed.

Before you start: At home ensure you are talking about Treasured Tots in a positive way, try not to show your child any of your own anxieties (its ok you’re not alone). If you would like we can ask other Treasured Tots families if they would be interested in networking with you and enjoying some play dates to ease the transition. Depending on the age of your child you can have the Treasured Tots Fairy come to visit and leave a special toy/book. Baking a cake with your child, explain that it’s for after their first day to celebrate, this will give them something to look forward too. A great story book about starting child care is ‘Pirate Pete: I’m Starting Nursery’ by Amanda Li, it talks about all the fun things that happen during the day. Find the links to the some of the above ideas below.

Getting started: A comfort toy or item belonging to you or your child is a good settling technique. It is important to say goodbye to your child when you are leaving, even if your child becomes upset, to establish trust that you will not disappear and to reassure him/her of your return. Alert educators of your intention to leave, so they can distract your child and provide comfort to them. On your child’s first day we recommend keeping it short, hopefully then you will pick your child up whilst they are still happy.

If you are worried, please feel free to contact the centre during the day for reassurance that your child has settled. Our Educators will always tell you honestly how your child is going. Be aware that some children settle quickly and others take longer or may be distressed by group care. Our educators will assess your child’s emotional needs and discuss this with you. Regular attendance also helps a child to settle, preferable 2 days a week when possible. We are dedicated to working with you to settle your child into Treasured Tots as quickly as possible.

Pirate Pete: I’m Starting Nursery

Easy chocolate cake

Day Care fairy letter to leave with a gift.

Rest Times – How do we manage this?

Educators will consult with families at all times in regard to their child’s sleeping/rest patterns and will provide a comfortable place for sleep/rest. Educators will encourage children to sleep in order to meet their individual developmental needs. Quiet activities will be made available for children to experience whilst other children sleep. Comforters and/or security toys may be brought in for sleep/rest periods, however, such items must not impact on the safety of children whilst sleeping.

Where possible educators will implement recommendations from ‘Red Nose’ within the centre’s sleep/rest routines. Other factors such as the age of your child, cultural needs and requests from families will also be considered when tailoring individual sleeping patterns.

Toilet Training – How can we help?

It is important that we work in partnership with families in meeting children’s toileting training needs. Consistency and continuity is important for children learning to use the toilet. Please communicate with the educators in the room your child attends so they can follow the routines you have in place for toilet training. Educators will discuss signs of toileting readiness with you and work with you to develop a consistent approach to toilet training. Please bring in sufficient jocks/undies and spare clothes when your child is toilet training. It is important to understand that some children will progress differently from home when toilet training in a social environment such as Treasured Tots. Please feel free to discuss this with educators when the time comes to toilet train your child.

What to Wear?

It is important that children are dressed in comfortable clothes that do not restrict their enjoyment to participate in everything on offer. Please dress your child suitably for play activities in clothes that you do not mind getting grubby with paint, mud, sand or glue. We do provide aprons but clothes can still get stained. Children need to have a pair of shoes and a hat, clearly marked with their name. Educators will assess outdoor environments for safety issues such as insects (bees) before sending the children outside without shoes. If you have a preference as to whether your child does or does not wear shoes, please inform the educators in your child’s room.

You will also need to provide an extra set of clothes in your child’s bag to change into should the need arise. We recommend at least two pairs of spare undies are included. Babies need at least four spare nappies daily. If your child goes home in Treasured Tots clothes we ask that you wash them and return them to the centre as soon as possible.

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

The centre will provide a secure, loving and stimulating environment, which encourages children to co-operate, enhances their self-esteem and encourages their ability to interact with others, and where acceptable behaviour is promoted and any recriminations are kept to a minimum. You are encouraged to discuss your child’s behaviour with the Team Leader in your child’s room to ensure consistent behaviour expectations between home and Treasured Tots. Limits to children’s behaviour will always be clearly expressed in positive terms and reinforced consistently in a developmentally appropriate way. Children will be encouraged to settle their differences in a peaceful manner.

The educators will focus on positive behaviour, providing praise and encouragement where appropriate. Wherever possible, problems will be prevented before they arise by using methods such as diversion and providing enough equipment for all.

Exclusions of Children

Children and Staff with infectious diseases will be excluded from the Treasured Tots in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Councils guidelines. A clearance certificate from your child’s doctor is required to pronounce the child fit for childcare, before your child can return to the Treasured Tots. If a child is unwell at home, parents/guardians are asked not to bring their child to the Treasured Tots. Children who have more than a slight cold should not be brought to Treasured Tots and may not be accepted at the Supervising Officer’s discretion. Fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea or unexplained rashes are some of the indicators that a child should not be brought to Treasured Tots.

Sun Protection – what is our policy?

Treasured Tots encourages a sun smart approach to sun protection. To ensure that all children are protected from sun damage and high ultraviolet rays, the centre implements the following:

  • Children and staff must wear a hat during outdoor play. A legionnaire style or broad-brimmed hat is recommended.
  • We ask the families to apply sunscreen in the morning before or on arrival ready to go straight outside. Educators will apply 30+ protective sunscreen to children 20 minutes prior to going outside throughout the day.
  • Sunscreen is supplied by the centre, however, if you wish to supply your own due to choice or an allergy, please speak to the educators in your child’s room so they know not to apply the centres’ sunscreen.
  • Educators will check the UV Rating each morning and outside play will only occur if safe to do so.

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Our Locations

Each of our centres offers premium custom-designed facilities staffed by a friendly team of experienced professionals - and our curriculum is carefully structured to provide appropriate and personalised play-based learning and development.

Bibra Lake

Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Joy Inwood

(08) 9417 2357
4 Homestead Avenue, Bibra Lake

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Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Anna Paparella

(08) 6219 5465
69 Hampton Road, Fremantle

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Owner  – Simone O'Brien
Director - Madison Dawson

(08) 9535 6946
52 Sholl Street, Mandurah

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Piara Waters

Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Kristin Knight

(08) 6192 0081
76 Novelli Parade, Piara Waters

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