Owner/ Director – Simone O’Brien
Manager – Anna Paparella

(08) 6219 5465
69 Hampton Road, Fremantle

Open from 7.00am to 6.00pm

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Child Care Centre Fremantle

Welcome to Treasured Tots Fremantle, a welcoming ‘home away from home’ for little ones between the ages of six weeks and five years.

Conveniently located in the heart of Fremantle in the historic Maristella campus, the centre offers a safe, secure, nurturing and supportive environment filled with love, laughter, creativity, exploration, learning and development.

  • Loving, secure, safe and welcoming environment for children and families
  • Highly trained, professional staff
  • Highest standards of childcare and education
  • Wellness program
  • Conveniently situated
  • Light, bright spaces with ample room and resources for 99 children
  • State-of-the-art-facilities including an art studio and sensory room
  • Healthy menus designed by a paediatric nutritionist
  • Veggie garden & pet chickens
  • Part of the respected Treasured Tots network of childcare centres in Perth and Mandurah

Anna Paparella

Director/Nominated Supervisor

Lots has happened since we first opened our child care centre in Fremantle in 2011.

We had outgrown our original premises and when we were offered space in the old Maristella building in 2015, we jumped at the opportunity. We were able to custom-design the amazing spaces to create a beautiful light-filled environment with an excellent indoor/outdoor flow.

We worked with specialist child care consultants to carefully plan the space to include specific learning areas and create an environment where children, staff and families feel at home.

And everyone’s welcome!

We embrace Freo’s multicultural community and our diverse activities and resources are designed to bring out the best in each individual child. We have language classes. We have yoga for relaxation. We have a wide choice of specific learning areas for smaller groups. And our light sensory room is something really special too. This is a unique space which allows children to explore and develop their crucially important sensory processing.

We also have a veggie garden and pet chickens which the children love getting involved in – and our families love the fresh produce and newly laid eggs too!

Healthy eating is another of our priorities. We passionately believe that this gives children the best possible start in life and all our meal and snack menus have been specially created by a paediatric nutritionist for optimum nutritional balance.

At Treasured Tots Fremantle, we care about each and every child. Each one is unique and we strive for a successful and supportive partnership with families for the best possible future development of the child.

Our centre has been rated as EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)

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The Art Studio

This space is where children experience working with and alongside art materials and resources, without being afraid of making mistakes. The studio is a space for children to be, to explore, make and create. It is here the children go through the process of creation through an open-ended art experience

Meet our Art Coordinator – Hayley

As the Studio Coordinator, my role is to inspire, facilitate and encourage the children’s ongoing learning journey. I offer learning enriched environments with ample opportunity for spontaneous learning. I am a big believer in “nature is our 3rd teacher” and the importance of using natural materials to enhance and foster the children’s individual learning and development. Skilling, moulding, manipulating and creating are some of our many focuses within our Studio environments. As an educator, I am here to nurture and encourage individuality. Art is a form of self-expression, it is a language, a way of communicating our thoughts and ideas and a way of being.

The Art Studio is a space where children explore and create, using natural and man-made materials. The children are given the opportunity to take part in collaborative projects and investigations where their skills are developed and challenged. It is a space where self-expression is encouraged and learning journeys are founded.

The outcome (artwork) emphasises on the interpretation of an experience, not ‘just a product’ to hang on the fridge. Art is an expression of the children’s current understanding, leading to an understanding that art is a tool for making meaning; a tool to help children make (visualise) their thoughts, theories and perspectives

What is an Atelier according to the Sparkle’s children?

“It’s a square room, more like a rectangular.”

“You mean the studio?

“It’s a big room.”

“In the studio, we do play-dough, drawing, painting, make clay! Lots of things to do in the studio!”

“It’s important we look after the studio. It’s where we can play!”

What is an Atelier in the Reggio Emilia Approach?

Atelier” means “art studio” or “workshop” in French.

The Atelier is a welcoming and inspiring place offering a wide variety of natural and man-made materials for artistic expression. Here, children of all ages come individually or in small groups to encounter experiences with these different media that will progressively support all their languages of expression. The early exploration of the visual arts offers children endless possibilities.

(Malaguzzi, 1994)

What Bravery Looks Like

Back in March when Covid19 first joined us, we began having many conversations with the Sparkles children. We asked them what their thoughts were on ‘The Bad Bug’ and how did the pandemic affect them.

By sharing their concerns, thoughts and opinions, the children were being brave. This then led to a new conversation after the lockdown; What is brave? What does it look like? How can we be brave? We documented this journey into a video titled “What Bravery Looks Like” and shared it with the Creative Bravery Festival in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Sometimes, small talks can end up changing one’s perspective in viewing a situation or event. By acknowledging and recognising the children’s’ big feelings, we are holding their space to feel secure and protected. These children have reminded us, adults, how valuable and valid their feelings are, and what it means to have an open conversation. We are on this journey together.


The community project is an extension from What Bravery Looks Like inquiry. As the children recognise, understood, seen and experienced first hand how brave they were during the pandemic and post-pandemic, they still talked about being brave, especially when ‘the new normal’ of childcare started again. Interestingly enough, they remember faces, yet seem to forget names of their peers in Sparkles and (some) educators. This was the catalyst that started the community discussions; what it means to see your peers again, how to be brave asking someone their name, how brave to say bye to your parents and join your childcare family, how settling in seems so hard yet so easy at the same time. We talked and recorded types of groups (family, dance, sport, daycare, school), names of the groups, and names of meeting places. Then we looked into What is Community and learning the symbols and signs of gathering places/community. We incorporated the Indigenous signs and symbols as respect to country and brainstormed ideas to create our own Sparkles Kindy community sign. After weeks for researching and looking closely at various images; the children came with their own idea on What Sparkles Kindy Community looks like: a gathering of people (children and adults) holding hands, flowers, fruits and vegetables and the chickens in a circle with lines around. A circle is a sign of unity, a symbol is commonly also known for a place, whilst the lines symbolise pathways around the centre.

The children drew their representations with texters and water colours. Then in a collaborative effort, created a clay piece that represents their community. There is a saying when you give children the necessary tools to succeed, they will deliver. The Sparkles Kindy has delivered!

Our Locations

Each of our centres offers premium custom-designed facilities staffed by a friendly team of experienced professionals - and our curriculum is carefully structured to provide appropriate and personalised play-based learning and development.

Bibra Lake

Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Joy Inwood

(08) 9417 2357
4 Homestead Avenue, Bibra Lake

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Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Anna Paparella

(08) 6219 5465
69 Hampton Road, Fremantle

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Owner  – Simone O'Brien
Director - Madison Dawson

(08) 9535 6946
52 Sholl Street, Mandurah

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Piara Waters

Owner – Simone O'Brien
Director - Kristin Knight

(08) 6192 0081
76 Novelli Parade, Piara Waters

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