Early Childhood Education Perth

The first step in securing a place for your child at any of our wonderful childcare centres in Mandurah, Bibra Lake or Fremantle  is to phone us and make an appointment to visit. Making an appointment ensures management are available to show you around and answer any of your questions. You will fill in a form with your details and dates that you want to start care and we will then endeavour to meet your needs. It is important to do this as soon as you know you will be requiring care, for the best chance at securing a placement.


The decisions we make everyday form the basis of our curriculum. We make decisions about:

  • Conversations and interactions with children
  • Activities and experiences
  • Resources we provide
  • Routines and transitions

We believe that children are:

  • Capable
  • Natural researchers
  • Powerful
  • Creative & curious
  • Resourceful
  • Active learners
  • Have a variety of intelligences & learning styles
  • Individuals

We believe in respecting and nurturing the uniqueness of each child so that they develop a sense of belonging and a positive self-concept. Curriculum is the totality of the experiences that are provided within the service including;

  • Relationships
  • Interactions
  • Learning experiences
  • Resources
  • Routines
  • Physical environment
  • Individuals

Our approach to curriculum development is reflective of our beliefs about children and childhood. It encompasses current educational theory and practices and acknowledges that each child has their own learning style, special talents, interests and needs. The curriculum is founded upon children’s strengths and emerging interests and provides meaningful opportunities for children to explore, initiate, investigate, discover, interact, create, solve problems and engage in collaborative learning. When you write in your child’s daily information book, or tell us about something they have been learning at home, you are contributing to our program.

We build on this input, as well as ideas and interests that come from the children, to form the basis of the program each day.

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Outside Toddlers Playground

Bibra Lake - Outside Toddlers Playground

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Bibra Lake - Outisde Mud Kitchen Kindy Yard

Outside Kindy Yard

Bibra Lake - Outside Kindy Yard

Caris and Indira

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Chickens Kindy Yard

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Bibra Lake - Playground

Fremantle Outside Babies Yard

Fremantle Outside Babies Yard

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Fremantle Art Studio

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Fremantle Kindy Room