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Growing resilient, happy, aware children


The Treasured Tots Wellness Program focuses on the three key pillars of Resilience, Wellbeing and Awareness. The program aims to provide children with opportunities for learning about themselves and others by incorporating interactive experiences designed to lead to optimal individual wellness from a physical, emotional and mental health perspective.


Our Why

Mental health, in particular, anxiety in children is a huge problem in today's society. We believe caregivers in all areas of a child's life including; home, childcare, school and the community have a responsibility to work together to intervene early and introduce prevention efforts in every way possible. 

We see the Program as a way to bring consciousness to the health of all our children and team members by creating an environment that promotes holistic wellness and balance for the body, soul and mind.

Our intention is to promote self-esteem, resilience and emotional regulation so children are better prepared for everyday life and can and will develop strong foundations for their future transition to school. The Program will encourage children to be expressive, mindful, emotionally literate and confident so by the time they start school their self-confidence, coping skills and capacity to manage emotions and make positive, healthy choices are well developed.

Our ultimate goal is to be recognised as an organisation leading the way with the outcome being a new era of children who are mindful, happy, fulfilled, healthy, balanced and supported.


The Three Key Pillars of the Treasured Tots Wellness Program for Children

Resilience means children are adaptable and able to bounce forward when faced with challenges and stressors of life

Wellbeing means children are physically and emotionally strong and healthy and feel a genuine sense of belonging, giving them the resources for greater happiness and confidence

Awareness means children are in tune with their feelings, thoughts and actions and able to recognise and understand themselves and others


What’s Included?

We will provide a holistic wellness program that nurtures the mind, body and soul of each child where they learn to understand themselves, their emotions and the world around them through a range of activities and experiences including art, movement, mindfulness and physical activity.

The program incorporates a range of different focus areas to deliver a truly holistic approach so we can achieve our ultimate vision – to support the growth of resilient, happy, aware children.

Movement includes activities such as yoga, dance, nature play and sport, providing enhanced flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. Movement activities also lead to improved concentration, a sense of calm and relaxation.

Mindfulness includes meditation, positive affirmations and self-awareness practices that ultimately support children to experience optimal mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Mindfulness activities provide grounding, develop focus and patience and build confidence as well as greater self-love. This leads to an awareness and acceptance of self and others so children can avoid distractions and be able to exist in the present moment.

The nutrition aspect of the program promotes all children having healthy bodies and healthy minds. This supports physical strength and coordination and provides a grounding for movement and mindfulness benefits to be fully recognised. Our nutritionally balanced whole food menu was designed in consultation with a  paediatric nutritionist. 

In our Centres, we diffuse On Guard essential oils to assist in keeping our environment healthy. At sleep and rest times we diffuse Lavender to ensure we are providing a relaxing environment where children have the rest and or relaxation that growing minds and bodies need.

In addition, a focus is placed on the importance of protective behaviours so children understand they have the right to feel safe all of the time and know how to respond in situations where safety is not felt.


Who Is It For?

All children enrolled at a Treasured Tots Early Education centre will have access to the Program at no extra cost.

Cultural significance is taken into consideration for all children when engaging with any of the Program activities.

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of the program for your child, please contact the centre Director who will be happy to talk with you about your concerns and if needs be, determine how your child can participate and gain maximum benefit.


Who Delivers The Program?

Every member of the Treasured Tots team will be provided with ongoing education and support to ensure they have whatever is needed to successfully deliver aspects of the Treasured Tots Wellness Program. The Program will be led by the guidance of our Leadership Team, under the direction of our highly qualified and experienced Wellness Program Facilitator.

 Meet Ash -

"Hello I'm Ashlee and i am very excited to be a part of the Treasured Tots Team. I deliver the Wellness Program across all three centres. I am an experienced teacher and bring with me a background in primary education, pilates, dance and movement as well as a fun and vibrant energy. Together we will be exploring different ways to foster resilience, wellbeing and awareness in our children and helping our children grow as a whole. We will be looking at different ways to help our brains, bodies and hearts through movement, breathing, positive affirmations, body and emotional awareness in a fun and positive manner!"

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