Making sure that your child and family are completely satisfied is a priority for Treasured Tots Early Education. We strive to develop and maintain personal, nurturing relationships with each and every family so that we can achieve great positive feedback.


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Every member of the Treasured Tots team will be provided with ongoing education and support to ensure they have whatever is needed to successfully deliver aspects of the Treasured Tots Wellness Program. The Program will be led by the guidance of our Leadership Team, under the direction of our highly qualified and experienced Wellness Program Facilitator.


Leaving your kids in someone else’s care isn’t something any parent takes lightly; we leave our hearts behind at drop off. With TT, I know my kids are safe, nurtured, loved and thriving. “Home Away From Home” isn’t just a tag line, it’s the truth. Beautiful culture, very special people: we are so lucky to have our TT family.


My daughter can’t get enough of tots! She would go every day if she could. It is a nice, comfortable centre with fantastic, compassionate staff. Five stars


The first thing that struck me about the Fremantle centre was the amount of natural light in all the rooms. This combined with the great facilities, delicious daily menu and fun, friendly, caring staff made Treasured Tots an easy choice for us. At the start we had an unexpected tough few weeks due to separation anxiety but the staff were incredible and continued on with lots of cuddles and fun activities and support for us all and soon those days were behind us! I trust Treasured Tots 100% and would recommend them to anyone looking for a home away from home for their treasured tot!


I'm not even sure where to begin with this review. Simone, you should be so proud of the business (and I used that word loosely) you’ve created and the team you’ve got running it. I’ve had one of the worst weeks and the team at treasured tots has been beyond supportive. It’s an incredible feeling knowing my child is in a place that not only cares for children, but for the parents (and all our endless quirky demands) Billie absolutely loves TT, she doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day I have to lure her out with crackers. We’ve never had a tearful drop off. Thank you for providing children with such a fun, accommodating and safe space to play and learn with staff who truly go above and beyond. I know, FOR SURE! That there is ABSOLUTELY no place I’d rather send my daughter thank you, for everything you guys do!


You hear funny stories of kids screaming at the gate when parents do the daycare drop off. My two run into the TTs and don't look back. Communication when it comes to young bubs, and in my case, twins is absolutely paramount. The staff at TTs provide excellent communication, a nurturing environment and only ever have smiles on their faces. My bubs have moved from strength to strength because of the hard work this team constantly put in. Thanks team


TT Bibra Lake have been wonderful for my daughter. She has attended from babies through to kindy and we have been very happy with the excellent standard of care. The bonds she has formed with her educators over the years shows how loving they are. Definitely a “home away from home”


We are beyond happy at treasured tots, my kids absolutely love going to daycare here and have the best day. it really is a home away from home, the staff are amazing , so caring and do such a great job, I feel so lucky to have found such a beautiful place to watch my kids. Highly recommend it to everyone.


Treasured Tots is such a great centre. The staff are lovely and wonderful with the children. They have a nice set up and lots of areas for the children to explore. Our son is so happy there and always looks forward to going there every week! Sometimes when we drop him off he zooms straight away to his favourite playing area. Whenever we have made enquiry we have always received satisfactory responses. Furthermore, we feel connected to our son's daycare experiences through app updates and pick-up debriefs from the lovely educators.
My family recommends this centre to anyone looking for a happy, safe and calm learning environment for their young children


Treasured Tots was recommended to me when our previous centre closed. As soon as I walked in I knew it would be perfect for my 3 yrs boy. So much outdoor time with a variety of activities plus staff who genuinely love, respect and care for the children. My son always tells me he has a great day! I highly recommend Treasured Tots!